SeaLight Entertainment is a boutique creative studio based in Peapack, NJ.
Our services include the following:

Suitable for all of our business clients from small businesses, to medium sized corporations, to large pharmaceutical entities, we can cater our packages to your needs, whether it be for marketing, events, or sensitive internal communication:

  • Single and multi-camera 4K video production
  • Complete professional video, lighting, and audio kits
  • Custom motion graphic design animations
  • Voiceover recording
  • Music licensing
  • Secure digital review and approval system
  • Secure digital delivery

When you need reliable, professional live video streaming, look no further. Our live streaming kits are perfect for almost every business that needs to reach their employees or customers remotely including:

  • Events that can’t have large gatherings but need to reach many people
  • Businesses that have meetings with staff when they’re not able to be at a central location/office
  • Companies that have multiple locations nation/worldwide
  • Churches that want to stream their services and masses online
  • Weddings that want to stream their ceremony anywhere in the world

Our crew can be as few as two, or as many as ten and our kits include the following:

  • Single and multi-camera 4K video production
  • Complete professional video, lighting, and audio kits
  • Video village
  • PowerPoint/Keynote integration
  • Graphic overlays
  • Pre/post-roll video playback
  • Your choice of streaming software: LiveStream, Vimeo, Facebook, Zoom, Skype, etc.
  • Same-day digital delivery of the stream

Our cameras are ready to capture whatever you need for your business or personal needs.

  • Business events and conferences
  • Headshots
  • Products/Food
  • Real estate
  • In studio or on-location portraits
  • Proposals/Engagements
  • Maternity
  • Family portraits

New decade, new branding! We’re excited to bring you years of dedicated work to bring our new rebranding to life:

SeaLight Cinema | SeaLight Photo | Hartmann Films

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